Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awesome Almay/John Frieda Hair Foam Deal at Port Orange, FL Walgreens

So, I was visiting my mom today in Port Orange (which is near Daytona Beach) and stopped by the Walgreens there on the corner of Williamson and Taylor. I was going to see if they had any good Almay products for the Almay deal this week (read more about that here.)

While I was looking at some products, one of the employees came over and told me that if I bought the Intense Eye Makeup kits from Almay, that I would get a free box of the new John Frieda Hair Coloring Foam (regularly $13). Sounded like a good deal to me! According to the employee, they had gotten a handful of coupons that allowed them to give some of the customers this deal. AWESOME!

So, I bought 2 eye kits and 2 boxes of hair color. Here's how it broke down:

I did two transactions. The eye colors were a little bit different in price, but I'll just give an average for simplicity's sake.

Almay Eye Kit $5.50
John Frieda Hair Coloring $11.99 (on sale)
-$11.99 (free John Frieda Hair Foam wyb Almay eye kit coupon)
-$2.00 Almay Spring Beauty Booklet Coupon

Total: $3.50 + tax (it ended up being about $4.50)

THEN, I got back a $5.00 register Reward for the Almay AND a $2 register Reward for the Hair Coloring (the employee hadn't even mentioned that!) So, it ended up being a $2.50 moneymaker! If I'd had any of the manufacturer's coupons with me, this moneymaker would have been even bigger!

So, definitely talk to your cosmetic counter employees. You never know what you might find!

On another note, the employee who helped me get this awesome deal told me that the whole store is high on coupons. The employees actively search out deals for the customers, and even have some insert coupons to give out! If you live near the Daytona area, I would TOTALLY make this a regular Walgreens stop. What an awesome store! I only wish they were closer...

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