Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guest Post: Recaulking the Windows is a Chore

Check out this guest post and see how you can save money by saving energy!

Recaulking The Windows Is A Chore
Guest post by Ron Faulkner

While I know that many people do not think that the windows of their home is going to be a place that could lose heat they need to know that this is a place that could lose quite a bit of heat. That is when a person should know that recaulking the windows like I do each year is going to prove to be very helpful. Now my neighbors typically point and laugh when they see me on a ladder each year doing this job, but then come winter they are always complaining about the heating bill that they get each month.

Now for me doing this action is a very time consuming task because I have so many windows, but when I got my home heating bills each month and see the savings on the bill I know that this time that I spent doing this action was well worth it. That is because my bill before I started doing this was running me close to five hundred a month for my electric heating, but after using this I have managed to drop my monthly bills to under two hundred bucks a month, which is a drastic savings when you have a fixed income coming in each month.

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