Friday, February 25, 2011

Target Michelina's Deal

So, hopefully you know that in some areas this week, there is a "Buy any 7 frozen food items, get a $5 gift card" deal at Target. if not, check that deal out here.

So, when I was at Target last night, I came across Michelina's entrees. Now, I'll admit, they're small, but they're actually pretty good, and enough for a hefty snack or small meal. Michelina's entrees at my store were $1.02. I looked online today and found a nice little coupon to make for some cheap yumminess.

Buy 7 Michelina's Entrees ($7.14)
Use $1/5 Coupon Here
Pay $6.14, get back a $5 Gift Card
Total: $1.14 for SEVEN frozen meals!

If you can print a nunch of these coupons, you could do this:
Buy 35 michelina's Entrees ($35.70)
Use SEVEN $1/5 Coupons Here
Pay $28.70, get back FIVE $5 Gift Cards ($25 in gift card)
Total: Only $3.70 for 35 meals! Thaty's about 10 cents a meal!


I think I'm going back to Target tonight...

Oh, and if you like Totino's Pizza Rolls, Michelina's has a version of their "lean" entrees that's Buffalo Pizza Rolls. I'm eating some as we speak. YUM.


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