Tuesday, November 9, 2010

After-Halloween Clearance Goodies at Target!

So, my Target had most Halloween clearance at 90% off! There wasn't much left for kids or adults in terms of costumers, but they did have TONS of pet costumes left!

Now, I'm not one to normally dress my dog up all crazy, but for about a buck each, it was definitely worth indulging in. I got 6 full costumes, plus 2 pairs of doggie Halloween pajamas for just over $8.00! Not bad!

This one's my favorite. I happen to pick up an Adult Bumble Bee costume last year at Target right after Halloween for 90% off (originally $50, I got it for $5!). Now that my dog has a Bumble Bee outfit too, we're sure to win some sort of Mother-Dogger costume contest next year!

So, definitely check out your Halloween clearance section in the next few days. You might just find a goodie or two for next year!

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