Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Muppets Comes Out on DVD Today. $5 Off Coupon!


Ok. So, I LOVE The Muppets. They rock. If you guys haven't seen their newest movie, it's totally cute.

The Muppets comes out on DVD today, and there's a $5 coupon to go along with it. Go here to get the coupon (you DO have to be a member of Disney Movie Rewards, but it's FREE to sign up!)

The coupon is good on the Wocka Wocka Pack, which comes with the DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital copy, AND the Soundtrack! 

The best deal I saw for this is at Target for $24.99 (it's also the same price on Amazon, but you can't use the coupon there-but you would get it delivered FREE and wouldn't have to leave your house!).

So you get this awesome pack for $19.99 after coupon! Feel free to price match this at Wal-mart.

 I totally intend on getting this, and giving my sis the Blu-ray, since she has a Blu-ray player and I don't. Great way for us BOTH to get a copy of the movie for $20!

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