Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jasmere: $16 (or less) for $35 at Purseket. Organize That Purse!

If you're like me, your purse is constantly a mess. Stuff is everytwhere, and when you go to transfer stuff from one purse into another, it's even worse.

Jasmere has a great deal today from a site called Purseket. They have ALL sorts of awesome purse organizing tools- from purse liners with tons of pockets for all your stuff, to wallets, to notepads. They make organizing your purse easy AND cute!

Unlike a lot of other purse organizers, Purseket has all sorts of designs and pattens- not just black. So adorable!

If you're unfamiliar with Jasmere, they're a daily deal site where the price of the deal DROPS as more people buy. No matter when you buy, you ALWAYS get the lowest deal price. Awesome!

Click here to sign up if you're new to Jasmere.

Jasmere Experts, click here to check out this deal!

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