Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Points from Recyclebank!

If you're a member of Recyclebank, make sure to stop by their site.

It's Earth Month and there's tons of goodness going on over at Recyclebank!

Once you log in, click "Earn Points" and click where it says "Enter Now." You'll get entered to win tons of prizes, PLUS you can score points by clicking on all the plus signs in the unlocked rooms of the house that's at the bottom right of the screen. Each week, more rooms are unlocked, with chances for MORE points!

They have tons of rewards on sale, too! You can get some great rewards for as low as 10 points!

New to Recyclebank? You can sign up here!

What is Recyclebank? For some lucky folks, you can  actually get PAID to recycle in the form of points. Even for those of us who don't have this awesome feature near us, we can still get points for learning about helping the planet through the Recyclebank site! You can get points for tons of stuff, even if Recyclebank doesn't recycle near you!

And their rewards are great. They go for as little as 10 points, and there are a lot of exclusive coupons you can print from home!

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