Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Coke Rewards- Earn Points for Drinking Coke Products!

There are tons of rewards clubs out there. Here's another good one.

My Coke Rewards gives you points for buying Coke Products. From 20oz bottles, to 2 Liters, to 12 Packs, each coke product has a code that you can enter online for points.

Bottle caps (from 20oz bottles and 2L) are worth 3 points. Look for the code under the cap.

12 packs have a code inside the cardboard box on one end of the 12 pack. The code end is the perforated part that you can rip off. The code is on the inside of that. 12 pack codes are worth 10 points.

If you get 20 or 24 packs, those codes are worth up to 25 points, depending on size. Always check your pack or box before throwing it away!

There are tons of prizes you can get with your points. You can get coupons for more Coke products, Coke merchandise, gift cards, and more! I got a $25 Home Depot Gift Card for only 500 points

Prizes change all the time, so you can always find something you like.

So head over here to sign up. It's free!

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