Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's Your Best Money-Saving Tip?

Everybody has one. The one big thing that they do to save money.

Some people use a budgeting system. Some don't eat out. Others coupon.

My big thing to save money is to watch my food budget. That's where it's easiest for me to get out of control!

My family loves going out to eat- it's what we do for fun. So, I've had to really cut back on that, watch my spending, and cook at home. Thank God I love to cook! I've been pretty good this year.

I'll have an update this week on how I did with my food spending for January (I have to find all my receipts- I'm not the world's most organized person) :) I think I spent around $15 between buying food at the grocery store, and picking up some food.

That's more than I wanted to spend, but about $10 of that was food I bought while working on my rental house. My mom was helping me, and I figured buying some cheap lunch a few times was waaaay cheaper than hiring a cleaning crew. :) Thanks, Mom!

So, what's yours favorite money saving tip? Or, what one BIG thing do you do to save money?

Comment on this post with your answers! I'd love to hear what tips you guys have!

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  1. Thanks for joining the Frugal Tuesday Tip!
    $10 compared to a cleaning crew -- you saved big time.


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