Monday, January 3, 2011

Decluttering Challenge 2011- Diet

I eat horribly a lot of the time. I don't have a 9-5 work schedule, and a lot of time I'm in a place where I can really store a decent lunch. So, with this challenge, I want to cut a lot of junk out of my diet.

I can do pretty well in terms of food when life is slow and easy; but when I stress (or have to work too much), all diet rules go out the door. A lot of that has to do with time- working long days and having nowhere to store a decent meal can be tough. So, I'm going to work on that.

I'm also going to drink more water, and start using the Kinect I got for Christmas to help get off my butt and start working out!

This challenge also has a tie-in with my Finance Challenge. Here we go-

For the next year, I can spend ZERO dollars out of pocket on food. Now I know that sounds crazy, but here's what I intend to do.

To get started, I do get to use the food already in my pantry (which right now is mostly rice, dried beans, and a handful of cans of dried veggies)

I won a  Sweepstakes last year and got a $100 Publix gift card. That will be my grocery money for the year (so no money out of pocket!) If there is an amazing deal somewhere else and I want to get food there, I have to deduct the aount I spend off of the amount on the Publix gift card that I can use.

I also have a few fast-food type restaurant gift cards I got as gifts or rewards from points. I will allow myself to use those for when I DO have to eat out for work. (so, up to this point, NONE of this money for food would be out of pocket!)

Other ways I intend to eat for FREE for the year--
Mystery Shopping (something I'll go into detail with later)
Free Food from Receipts (ALWAYS check the bottom or back of your fast food receipts. A lot of times there's a quick survey which gives you a code for a free sandwich or meals!)
Meals at Home With Friends (if I eat at someone's house and I don't have to pay for it, it's FREE- of course I'll bring something to add to the meal- I'm not a moocher!)

Now I know this is not realistic for some people. I'm a one gal household (plus a dog), and I happen to have won that great Publix gift card.

So here's my challenge to you- Try to live on $100 for food PER PERSON for the year! This includes groceries, eating out, etc! 

I'll be posting my progress every week, and I'd love to see yours too! I think this will really make for some creative cooking this year, which I'm excited about!

Now, since we are talking BODY challenge in this post, here's how I'll be stayong on budget WHILE being good to my body-

I'll be relying heavily on these foods:
Dried beans
Frozen Veggies

Of course, if I can get it for free and it's not horrible for you, I'll be buying it...but the goal is to try to stay at healthy as possibly within the small food budget!

So, let's get this party started! I'll be posted mostly on Sundays about my progress, including money spent on food, exercise for the week, and pounds lost (I HOPE!). I'd love for you to comment with your updates, too!

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