Monday, January 3, 2011

Decluttering Challenge 2011

 Decluttering Challenge 2011

Hey guys!

So, to start off the New Year, I've decided to start a new challenge. We're calling it the Decluttering Challenge 2011. Here's the basic rundown. The challenge will have three areas that I want to work on- Diet, Home, Finances. I'm going to work to "declutter" each area so that by the end of the year I'll be in better shape physically, financially, and house-ificially (not a word- I'm well aware... :) 

I'd love for you guys to join me in any (or all) parts of the challenge. Hopefully together we can help each other get the most out of 2011!

I'll be posting my "basic rules" for each challenge section today. I'll also be adding a page to this blog where I'll keep all my Decluttering Challenge posts so they'll be nice and easy to find!

So, who is with me?! Let's kick some butt in 2011!

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