Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Got Coins? It's Gift Card Bonus Time at Coinstar!

 I heart Coinstar!

Two years ago, I went to trade a bunch of coins in for giftcards through their coin-counting machine. When the receipt came out, I realized there was a form at the bottom. I read it and found that since I had put my change toward a gift card over $40, I get a $10 bonus card by mail! Awesome!

Since then, I keep my change all year in various jars and wait until they have this promotion to change them in. My friend has 3 jars of change just waiting to be cashed in. He's been waiting to see if they would do this promotion again this year, and YIPPIE, they are! Free money is the best!

There is NO FEE for the coin-counting if you use the change to go towards a Gift Card or e-certificate instead of getting back cash. When you add in the extra $10 they add to your Gift Cards, this makes for great gifts (or gift-buying) for the Holidays!

The promotion runs from NOW until 12/31/2010. Here are the Gift Card companies that are participating in this promotion:

Regal Entertainment®
Amazon® (starting 12/9/2010)

They have other Gift Cards available, but only the above companies are included in the "Cash in $40, get $50" promotion.

Get all the details on the Coinstar website.

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