Thursday, November 11, 2010

ABC Liquor Store Wine Tasting= AWESOME!

So, for our Humpday Happy Hour, my friends and I trekked out to and ABC Liquor Store's wine tasting. LIttle did we know what we were in for. I figured there would be a few tables with a scattering of wine and some cheese and crackers. Boy, was I wrong!

We pulled up and attempted to find a parking place. The store was packed! Inside we paid our $10 (cash-remember that for next time) and got a wine glass and a coupon for $5 off anything in the store. There were about 25 different tables set up, each with a few different wines, beers, or liquors. Some local restaurants had some food out, and there was bread at each table, which comes in handy after your 20th sample of wine.

We stayed the whole 2 hours. It was really fun! Tons of interesting people (and people watching), TONS of graciously poured wine (and beer and liquor), and some decent noshes. the coolest thing is that they have a quiz you fill out by visiting the different tables. If you get all the answers right, your quiz goes into a drawing for a free bottle of wine.. And my sister won!

So, all in all, a very awesome, cheap girls' night out. I highly recommend checking out one of these events in your area. They usually happen on Wednesdays. The schedule for the Florida area is HERE. If they have an ABC in your area, I suggest asking when their wine tasting event is. It's TOTALLY worth it!

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