Friday, August 26, 2011

80% off Gift Certificates! $25 Certificates for only $2! Weekly Promo Offer 125 X 125

Save 80% on most Restaurant Gift Certificates. Use code TASTY at checkout now thru 8/31/11.

They have TONS of local restaurants, even some chains! I always use these certificates to find awesome new places to try in town for cheap!

How do these gift certificates work? These certificates work kind of like coupons. Each gift certificate has its own rules. Some certificates are good for $25 off of $35, some for $25 off of $50. Some you can use for alcohol, some not. Just make sure you read the fine print! 

These certificates can really get you an awesome deal on a nice meal. My sister and I used one for one of our favorite Thai places in town. It was $25 off of $35. We ordered more food than we ever had, had TONS to take home, and spent less than $20 after tip and cost of certificate. SO AWESOME!

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