Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have an Extra Buck or Two? Help Support Local Theatre!

So, I know this blog is mostly about saving money, but by saving, we all have a little bit more money for giving as well!

This theatre company in Orlando is awesome. They produce AMAZING, family-friendly shows (seriously, if you live in Orlando and haven't seen them yet, YOU NEED TO!)

They are PB & J Theatre Factory. They are trying to raise money for their upcoming holiday production of Sleigh.

Every little bit helps! If you have even a dollar to spare, that's one dollar closer to their goal!

If you have a minute, head over here and check out their fundraiser page and learn more about them. They truly are amazing people who do amazing things!

Here are some of their other links:

PB&J Theatre Factory Facebook Page
PB&J Theatre Factory Website

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