Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heck of a Deal on Stamps a.k.a. I Love Clearance!

The Walgreens near me is putting a lot of stuff on clearance before they remodel. I've found all sorts of interesting things for pennies on the dollar. Tonight, I got 2 cans of Bullfrog Sun Block for $3!

My big steal was stamps. Now, stamps and postage are hard to get a deal on, so I definitely took advantage of this deal.

Some of you may have heard of Photostamps. They sell them at the post office, but you can also find them sometimes in stores. They came in a small package with a CD-ROM and a coupon code.

The deal is you pay for this CD and coupon code that gets you 20 stamps and shipping. You can design the stamps any way you want- pictures of your dog, your baby, or just a cool picture. Once you design your stamps, you enter your coupon code and they send you 20 stamps of your design. All of that is included in the price.

I think this retails for about $25 online (you pay a premium of course for being able to design your own stamps.)

Sometimes you can find these cheaper in stores. I've seen them around $10 a lot (which is just SLIGHTLY more than you'd pay for a book of 20 stamps.)

How much were they on clearance at my store? 
$2.00.                    TWO DOLLARS!!!

That's (at the current postage rate) $8.80 of postage for $2! A-freakin'-mazing. They only had a few left, and they are now mine.

Now the beautiful this is, I don't go through tons of postage. Chance are, the postage price will change before I go through all my stamps. The best part? Even when the postage prices go up, I still don't have to pay more for the stamps!

Ahh, bargain shopping is a beautiful thing.

Now, these have been phased out of a LOT of stores, so you might not be able to find them, but if you do, and they're less than $8, definitely grab 'em.

If you can't tell, I'm a bit excited. Sorry! I just LOVE a great deal, especially when it's on something you can NEVER get a deal on!

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