Monday, March 7, 2011

Viruses Suck

I had a bad virus on my computer. It pretended to be an anti-virus program (which is kinda scary because it makes you think twice about what's going on), and pretty much just went crazy on my system. I almost took it in to get it fixed, but then I thought I'd just give it a day or two and then try to see if I could fix it myself.

I took it back to an earlier restore date, which at first, oooked good. No virus, and things were running smoothly. I downloaded a new anti-virus program to scan the system, and everything looked fine...for about 24 hours.Then ANOTHER different nasty anti-virus disguised virus hit my computer. This one wouldn't let me open any files, or even get back to another restore date.

So, I browsed the web and finally came up with the only solution- to wipe everything clean from my computer.

By the way, always make sure you backup your files. I totally have an external hard drive, and am horrible about doing this. I need to start actually USING that hard drive.

So, I wiped it clean. Lost everything. Sucks.

BUT, I did it myself and didn't pay $200 for someone else to do it, so that's good. :)

And now, my computer is just like new. It's strange because all my old programs are gone and I need to reinstall stuff, but, like my Decluttering Challenge, my computer needed an overall too. Got rid of the extra crap.

So, patience (which is something I'm REALLY bad at) can be good for the wallet. You CAN do things yourself without taking them to someone else to fix (the internet is my best friend when it comes to this). Obviously, some things are better left to experts, but in my case, all it took was a few pushes of some buttons, and my entire netbook was restored back to new. Beautiful.

Thanks for being patient with me the last few days as I went through this computer drama. I'm posting a new giveaway tomorrow as a thanks! Keep your eyes posted!

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