Monday, March 7, 2011

Good, FREE Anti-virus Software for Netbooks

During this process, I thought about getting a mac-daddy Anti-virus program that would keep my computer from getting all these bad viruses. And I was OK with dropping almost a hundred bucks to make that happen. Only one problem- netbooks don't have CD-ROM drives.

So, I would have had to buy a CD-Rom drive, which isn't horrible, but is another $50-$75. So, I was a good little frugie and did some research.

I'm glad I didn't go an buy all the crazy software. Because the netbook has such a small hard drive and little processor, a big anti-virus program would have eaten it alive! I did find a FREE anti-virus download that's supposed to be great for netbooks- it's a small file and when it runs, doesn't lock up your whole system.

It's called Microsoft Security Essentials. You can find it here. Now, if you have anti-virus you like, then go to town with that. Honestly, I don't even know how good this program is yet I JUDT downloaded it onto my system) but I'll keep you posted.

I like FREE and I like that it lets me still be able to use my computer while it's scanning. So that's a plus. How good it is at keeping out the bad stuff? Time will tell...

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