Monday, February 28, 2011

Swagbucks Code Alert!


According to the Swagbucks Widget, "The Code has moved to Mickey! Search Birthday in the Swag Store"

We've already begun, people! Here we go!

This code is worth 10 SB and expires at Noon EST today!

Be warned, many people are trying to get this code, so the site keeps popping up with errors. You've got an hour, so just keep trying!

    1.Click here to check out the Swagbucks blog and find the code. Copy the code.
    2. Return to

    3. Look all the way to the right side of the page, find your Account Summary, and look for the "Enter Your Swag Code" box.
    4. Paste the code in the box (making sure there are not spaces before or after the code- or it won:t work!)
    5. Click Gimme!

And you're good to go! Keep an eye out for even MORE Swag Codes today!

New to Swagbucks? Sign up here! Today's the day! Codes galore!

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