Monday, February 7, 2011

Finances Challenge Check-in

So, I've been decent on my money lately. My schedule has been insane with work, but I've been doing a decent job of packing my lunch. I've been using a lot of free meal coupons to get some meals when I've gotten desperate! (I'm putting together a list of those to put up on the blog soonly!)

So far this year I've spent about $20 on food- including groceries and a few bad trips through the Drive-Thru. More than I was aiming for (I'm trying to spend less than $100 for the year- which puts me about $2/week).

I am stocked up on some good stuff, though. And it really has made me think twice about going out to eat a lot. So even though I'm a bit above my goal, I'm still doing WAY better than usual!

Also, except for a few small other purchases (I just HAD to get the new You Don't Know Jack video game for the XBox- that used to be my favorite! Plus, I had a coupon code for part of it!) and some stuff from Office Depot (Yeah, I spent a lot, but I'll be getting back beaucoup in rewards- plus I REALLY needed massive amounts of tubs for storage.. Might as well get them for free-ish!) I've been pretty good with my other spending. Working a lot helps keep me from shopping!

So, I'm doing pretty well on the Finance track. Now only if I had some more time to exercise, I'd be doing alright on the Weightloss track...

Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out my Decluttering Challenge 2011 here! 

How are you guys doing on your Finances so far??

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