Friday, December 3, 2010

Kamikaze Dinner #3- The Weevils Edition

Not knowing what I was going to make for dinner last night, off to the freezer I went. I knew I had some chicken and a couple of different boxes of rice mixes. So, I started the thaw the chicken. I reached for the most interesting rice mix, added water to the pan, dumped the rice into the pan, and saw WEEVILS!

If you've enever seen these things, they're horrible. They are little black bug things that like to sprout from grains, flour, crackers, etc. I have friends that have never seen them. My mother thinks it's because I'm a slob. I've done my research, though, and weevils like warmth. I don't cool my house much when it's hot, or warm it much when it's cold, so my kitchen is a perfect breeding ground from them. The creepy thing is, they don't (like ants) come from the outside in...they actually come FROM the grain! So, even when a package is sealed and unopened, I've found weevils inside! Horrible.

Anyways, I quickly went through all of my other rice boxes- WEEVILS! So, I nixed the rice. So much for stockpiling grains from now on! I've also started keeping new boxes of pasta, rice, etc in the fridge. Weevils don't like the cold. Little boogers.

Plan B. I found a bag of mac and cheese..NO WEEVILS!

So, I made a Fajita Mac and Cheese. Here's how it went:

Cooked up some Chicken with sliced Onions and some Cumin and Garlic Powder. While that was happening, I cooked my Macaroni. Once the Macaroni was cooked, I drained it, and transferred the Chicken and Onions to the Macaroni pan. I drained a can of hot Rotel and added that to the Chicken mix.

After the moisture cooked off, I added some Velveeta log (the Mac and Cheese came with packets of seasoning, breadcrumbs, and cheese sauce, but I decided I wanted REALLY cheesy mac and cheese, and the velveeta needed to be used before it got icky, so there ya go). I cooked that for a few minutes until the cheese started to melt. Then I added the Macaroni back to the pot. I seasoned it up with a little more cumin and garlic powder, and Voila! Fajita Mac and Cheese!

I sauteed up a Plantain I had bought to go along with it as a side. Super Yum!

Do you have any fun, thrown together dinners you want to share?

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