Monday, December 20, 2010

Jasmere's Daily Deal- Cool Photos on Glass!

Now this is super cool. For those of you new to Daily Deal sites, Jasmere is similar to Groupon, where they feature one super great deal a day at a drastically reduced cost. What's special about Jasmere is the more that people buy the daily deal, the lower the price gets! And even if you're the first person to buy the deal, you STILL get the lowest price the deal goes! AWESOME!

Today's Jasmere deal is for a company called Fracture. Fracture takes your photos and prints them directly onto glass, giving them a HD look. Totally durable and easy to maintain, this "pictures" have built in hanging hardware, so they're super easy to display. These look super cool. I always buy frames for my pictures and never take the time to put them all together. with Fracture, the picture is already on glass, so no frame needed!

For $15 (or less) you get a $35 voucher for Fracture. That's a lot of pictures! (Pictures start at $8 for a 5x7)

The deal ends at NOON EST, so if you're interest, there's no time like the present! :)


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