Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crazy Good Deal on 3-in-1 Winter Coats: 4 for the price of 1!

Target has awesome daily deals that are good, obviously, for one day only. They usually have items at a drastically reduced cost, PLUS you get free shipping. One of the deals for today is the 3-in-1 Cold Weather Jacket by C9. Regularly $59.99, today it's only $19.99 PLUS free shipping!

That's an awesome price, but WAIT! There's MORE! Add some cash-back site goodness, along with some coupon codes, and you can score these jackets for even less!

Here's what I did.

I started at ShopAtHome (where I'll get 5% cash back on my order)
I clicked through their site to get to Target, where I found the daily deal.
I put 4 coats in my cart (especially with how cold it's been in FL lately, these are gonna make awesome presents)
There's a 20% off some purchases of $75 or more (hence why I bought 4 coats) (Takes off $15.99)
You can then add the promotion code JUH5H3OD to score an additional 10% off. (Takes off $8.00)
Then I used my Target Visa to score an ADDITIONAL 5% off (Takes off $4)

After ALL of my discounts, promo codes, etc, my total for FOUR coats came to $55.09 INCLUDING tax and Free Shipping! On top of that, I'll get an ADDITIONAL 5% back from ShopAtHome.

Awesome deal! That's about $13 a coat, SHIPPED!

If you don't need more than one coat, simply shop through ShopAtHome, Use promo code JUH5H3OD, and use your Target Visa (if you have one) to get the best deal! You would pay about $17 for the coat, plus tax, and get 5% back, making the coat about $16 Shipped!

If you're new to ShopAtHome, you get an additional FIVE DOLLARS back!

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