Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make Money With Your Smartphone!

So there are a lot of apps out there. There are even a good amount of Reward apps.

My favorite has got to be
Checkpoints. I've earned about 50 bucks worth of Amazon giftcards in just 2 MONTHS!

Here's how it works:
  • You simply open the App and check in with it anywhere you go. 
  • Going shopping? Check into Publix. While you're there, scan different specified items with your phone and rack up the points! It's great to do on days you're wasting some time between appointments.
  • Every 300 points is equal to about a dollar. Cash in those points for giftcards and other great rewards!
I think it's fun, and a great way to build up your Amazon cash (free stuff, people!). They have other prizes available too- ITunes Gift Cards, Home Depot Gift Cards and more!
For more info, you can check out Checkpoints here.
Wanna get the app and score $1 just for putting it on your phone? 
  • Go to your marketplace on your phone (works with Android or iPhone). 
  • Download the CheckPoints app.
  • Sign up. Enter Bonus Code "hollinsgal" to earn 300 points JUST for signing up.
  • Scan away!
Let me know when you've won your first 10 bucks. I'd love to see how much free money we can all earn!
There are some other great apps I’ve been using as well.
For your Smartphone, download these reward apps: 
(Go to the Marketplace on your phone and search for these apps. When asked for your referral or bonus code, enter the codes below for a sign-up bonus!)

Go here to download Shopkick onto your phone, and get 50 kicks (points) just for signing up!
Use your points to get great rewards like Target giftcards and Best Buy guftcards. You can even save up for an Xbox 360!

Also, a new app that's making me about $10/week (in cash through paypal!):
WeReward rewards you for eating out and visiting all the places you love. Just take a picture at any of the listed restaurants or stores, and earn massive points.
Each point is a penny, and the points add up fast! Plus, once you his 1000 points, you can cash out for $10 in CASH through paypal! Awesome!

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