Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me & Goji Customized Cereal- 25% Off!. Last Day! =(

I heart Me and Goji. Their cereal is amazing. My sister especially loves them because she's gluten-intolerant and it's hard for her to find cereals she likes. I got her 4 canisters for Christmas and it was her favorite gift. I'm an awesome sister. :)

At Me and Goji, you decide what goes into your cereal, from your base, to your fruits, your nuts, and even chocolate. :) You even get to NAME your cereal, and the name is printed on the label. For a few extra bucks, you can get a picture put on the label, too!

Unfortuneately, Me and Goji is closing its doors August 31st. Until then, they are offering 25% off their AMAZING cereal. I definitely will be stocking up, and am SUPER sad to see them shutting down.

Head over here to make your own amazing cereal. To get 25% off, use promo code 


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