Monday, August 22, 2011

HP Touchpads: $99 for 16GB, $149 for 32GB

If you haven't heard by now, HP is pulling out of the tablet market. That means good things for us frugal consumers. HP has dropped the price of the touchpads they have out right now from $400+ to just $99 for a 16GB Touchpad!

Now, because of this, people have gone crazy the last few days and these things are sold out just about everywhere...BUT, from what I've heard, more will be in stock soon (if not in retail stores, then on HP's website), so if you've been unable to get one of these bad boys, just keep and eye out.

While it might not be the BEST tablet out there, it's a great deal for a hundred bucks! I don't even buy into the whole tablet thing (most of them are just overpriced big phones/small computers in my opinion), but for $100, I'd be willing to keep it around. :)

If I see them back in stock anywhere, I'll keep you guys posted. They have them listed on Barnes and Noble right now, but a lot of people are saying that their orders are getting cancelled, so keep that in mind.

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