Saturday, July 16, 2011

Groupon Offers Groupon NOW! Get Deals While You're Out And About :)

So, Groupon has just come out with an awesome new addition to their daily deals- Groupon NOW!

With Groupon Now, you can get deals while you're out.

For example, so you're out couponing and realize you forgot to eat lunch. Now, we know the BEST thing to do would be to go home and eat a nice home-made lunch, but sometimes you just want to treat yourself.

So, here's what you do-

You open up Groupon Now on your phone. It locates where you are and shows you deals that are available near your location. Those deals are only good THAT DAY and usually only for a few hours. So, you buy the deal on your phone, and walk right in to have a cheap lunch- without having to wait for a voucher or having to print it out!


And Groupon Now isn't just restaurants- you can also get mani-pedi deals, car washes, and activities for the kids. You get all the variety of Groupon, but with INSTANT deals that you can use while you're away from home.

So, to check out Groupon Now on your phone, go here.

If you want to check out Groupon Now on your computer, head over here.

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