Friday, May 20, 2011

Mamapedia Deal- 50% off a 3-Month Little Passports Subscription

Mamapedia has a fun activity for your kids this summer.

That  might not sound too exciting, but see what that $23 gets ya...

  • Teaches kids about other cultures, languages, and geography
  • Encourages curiosity, acceptance, and a sense of adventure
  • A fun activity the whole family can share

Send your little one around the world this summer— no plane tickets required—with a 90-day subscription to Little Passports. 

Each month, your child will receive a package from fictional characters Sofia and Sam as they “travel” to a new country. As he reads the adventure letter and discovers exciting souvenirs and activities, he’ll learn about what it’s like to live in Japan, Brazil, and other locales. It’s an easy, affordable way to inspire a lifelong curiosity and appreciation of other cultures.

How cool is that? This is especially awesome if you're kids are hanging out at the house this summer. 

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