Thursday, May 12, 2011

Got My FREE NatureLux Makeup from Bzzagent

Bzzagent is a fun social marketing site that uses social media to help people spread the word about new products.

I got chosen for their NatureLux makeup campaign. I got a full-size foundation and lip color.

The products are nice and light. The foundation color is a bit dark for me (I have super fair skin and they only had a mid-tone foundation left), but even being slightly off from my skin tone, it blends in nicely and doesn't make me look orange, which usually happens with foundations. It gives good coverage while staying very light on your skin.

I LOVE the lip color. It's more like a tinted gloss than a lipstick, and gives lots of moisture with a hint of color. Great stuff.

You can read more info here: Covergirl NatureLux

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