Monday, February 21, 2011

Regional Target Deal- Free $5 Giftcard for Buying Frozen Food!

I'm sure a lot of you have read about this, but just in case you haven't...

Various areas of the US (Central FL being one of them) are lucky enough this week to have an AWESOME deal at Target-

But ANY 7 Frozen Food items and get a $5 Giftcard. Yes, ANY.

Combine this with coupons and deals, and we're in busienss, folks! There are tons of scenarios you can do here, depnding on coupons and what you like to eat, of course. :) But even without coupons, this helps justify buying some of those more expensive splurge items.

You can find out if you're one of the lucky areas by checking out your Target ad for the week. If your area is included, it should have a blurb about the deal in the ad.

If you come up with any awesome scenarios, let us know! I know I'm shopping this week!

Oh, and if you happen to have a Target Visa Credit Card, you get an additional 5% off your purchase. How awesome is that?! Plus, don't forget your reusable bags for 5 cents off for each bag you use!

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