Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Decluttering Challenge 2011- Finances vs Diet

So, I was doing pretty well on my Finances challenge- I'd spent very little on food (up until this last week where I wasn't feeling well and got fast food a frew more times than I would have liked). I've been eating out of my pantry and doing pretty well at it.

I realize now, though, that there's one major problem with eating cheaply- not that you CAN'T do it well, but I was seriously lacking in fresh fruit and veggies. Now, I've been eating some frozen ones, and some in cans, but nothing compares to fresh sometimes.

On top of that, I feel like junk. I think part of it is allergies, but I can't help but think that eating canned crap all the time probably isn't helping.

Sooooo, I'm going to help my "Decluttering Diet" challenge by slacking a little on my "Decluttering Finances" challenge. I figure saving money does me no good if it's making my health junky.

Not to say that I'm not going to watch where my food money goes- I'm still going to shop the sales and use crazy amounts of coupons, but if I spend a little more than I originally planned because I'm adding in some fresh foods (which usually don't have coupons) I'm not going to kill myself, especially since NOT adding in those healthy, yummy food WOULD be killing myself.

So, there. :)

Sometimes you just need to figure out what's important and go with it, even if it's NOT the most frugal option. That's hard for a cheap single chick to realize sometimes. :)

I'll keep ya posted on how it all goes. Right now, I'm doing pretty crappy in the Diet and Home challenges. I'm hoping to fix that in the next month.

Any tips on motivating yourself to exercise or to clean? :) I sooo don't dig either.

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