Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free $5 at Jasmere!

Are you a member of Jasmere? Similar to Groupon, at Jasmere there is ONE daily deal that is sold at a crazy amazing cost. There are a few differences, though, with Jasmere than some of the other daily deal sites:

  • Deals aren't based on certain cities All the deals are web exclusive deals, so ANYONE can use the deal!
  • All the businesses on Jasmere are small, usually eco-minded companies with little exposure (this is where I found out about Me and Goji- the best create your own cereal site EVER!)
  • The price of the deal GOES DOWN as more people buy!

So, it really is an awesome site. Right now, they have a quick (took me less than a minute) survey you can take that will score you $5 in your Jasmere account to use towards any deal on their site!

I love free money!

If you already have an account, click here to go to the survey.

If you need to sign up, click here. Then you can go here to take the survey!

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