Saturday, December 4, 2010

Save a Little Grocery Money This Week

A good couponer has a great stockpile-tons of food stocked away in their pantry that they've bought at an amazing price. This is important in keeping grocery costs low, while still enjoying great food.

This week I give you a challenge-try to eat ONLY from the food in your pantry. Don't go to the store, don't pick up a few extras, just eat from the food you have. Of course, if you have kids and need fresh milk, etc, do what you gotta do, but try your best to dig through the pantry (freezer and fridge as well) and see what might be hiding in there.

I recently emptied out my giant stand-alone freezer. I did this for 2 reasons: 1. It needed to be emptied and cleaned-it was starting to freeze over. 2. Some of the food had been in there a while and needed eating.

So, I emptied the freezer, actually going through food I totally had forgotten I'd had. I put some in the fridge to thaw for the week, and the rest went into my somewhat bare freezer in my fridge. By doing this, I've been eating food I'd forgotten I'd had for the past 3 weeks. Good stuff, too!

So, give yourself a break from the store this week. Eat from your freezer, your pantry, and your fridge. You might be surprised about what you come up with when you're limited in what you can use!

Did you come up with a fun dish from your pantry/fridge/freezer that you didn't plan? Post it on this comment, and I'll share it with everyone under my Kamikaze Recipe posts!

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