Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Decluttering- Paris Studio Method

I was browsing some blogs yesterday and found one that has an AMAZING idea for motivating yourself to declutter. It's called the Paris Studio Method. What is that, you might ask? The thought behind it is simple: Pretend like you're moving to Paris and only have a studio apartment. You can only keep the things in your house that will fit in that apartment.

That's a bit of an over-simplification, but The Greenest Dollar gives a brilliant explanation of it (along with pictures of studios in Montmartre that make me want to drool.)

Now, that may sound silly, but for me, that's totally a motivator. I spent a semester abroad in Paris and have DREAMED about going back there to live since graduation. I am totally going to print up a some pictures and go to town on getting rid of stuff. Who knows, maybe in selling tons of my stuff (and OH, do I have tons) I'll make enough for a little Paris vacay. Now, wouldn't that be nice? :)

If Paris isn't your thing, pretend you're moving into a  houseboat, or a small cottage in the woods- whatever works for you.

Thanksgiving is putting a damper on my getting started on this, but come Monday, I'm moving to Paris, baby! :)

Feel free to share what your "Paris Studio" motivator is, and how that helps YOU to declutter your home.

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